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Places to visit

For those that like to go exploring, Lido di Jesolo is the perfect base. Located only 30 minutes away from Venice and close to main motorways, there are many places of interest to see that are very easy to reach.





Padova offers magnificent views of a medieval town. The Basilica of St. Anthony of Padova (pictured left), where the saint's tomb is a place of worship and pilgrimage is just one of the splendid sights in this beautiful city.

How to get there:
Only 40 minutes from Jesolo by bus or car.




Less than 45 minutes away from Jesolo, Venice is without a doubt the most romantic city in the world. Visit St Mark's square, with the exquisite Basillica, or one of the several museums. Or take a trek around the narrow back streets of Venice. No visit is complete without a ride on a gondola...

How to get there:
Excursions are available through tour companies, but it is very easy to get there yourself. Take the bus to Punta Sabioni and take the Waterbus to St Marks square.




Dating back to the first century AD, the Arena is in remarkable condition and plays host throughout the summer months to operas. The third largest of all Roman amphitheatres, the Arena is still an awesome sight, giving a fantastic panoramic view across the city. Verona also hosts many other famous historical monuments, notably Via Capello, the street named after the family that Shakespeare named in Romeo and Juliet.

How to get there:
Excursions are available through tour companies. Alternatively, by car it is under 2 hours away.




After Venice, Bologna is one of the most impressive cities in the country, with a startling medieval-style city centre. There is always something to entertain, be it theatre, music or the city's summer festival. Bologna is less than 2 hours from Lido di Jesolo by car, or you can get there by train.




Rome has to be one of Italy's most compelling cities, with arguably more attractions than any other city in the world spanning over two thousand years of history. With the Vatican, Rome National Museum and the Colusseum amongst the many sights available to visitors.

By Train, Rome is less than 4 hours away, and Principe Palace's reception will be pleased to arrange for overnight accomodation should you wish to spend a few days there.

The Lakes



The region of Lombardy, which borders with Switzerland is famous for the great lakes, the two most famous being Lake Como to the west and Lake Garda to the east. Being so close to Verona, Lake Garda is well worth a visit.

How to get there:
Excursions are available through tour companies. Alternatively, it is a 2 hour trip by car.